Copper; A Rich and Colourful Metal

"... Verdigris; where engineering becomes art ..."

A copper iris a water feature A riveted and textured copper letterbox Copper handrail for a swimming pool

Copper was one of the first metals to be discovered and used in antiquity; it is a major component of both brass and bronze.

When annealed, it is extremely soft, malleable and easy to sculpt. Hot copper forges readily, whilst sheet copper can be beaten and formed into involved and intricate shapes.

The metal is extremely versatile when used decoratively since it can assume a wide range of patinas, with tones varying from deep dark red and black through to a blue-green verdigris. These patinas are particularly effective surface treatments for textured and worked copper. This is especially so when the patina is selectively polished, highlighting the underlying metal. Copper detailing contrasts wonderfully with other metals such as wrought iron and stainless steel.