Textured Metal Surfaces

"... Verdigris; where engineering becomes art ..."

Textured metal bowl Copper fire canopy with an antique looking texture Dragon sculpture with a welded bronze texture

Texture is inherent in the forging process. Heating creates scale, as the metal is worked, this scale is loosened and hammered into the surface, creating a rich, random and natural texture. Other textures can be created by a variety of means, such as chemical etching or stamping the surface with specially made tools. Verdigris' blacksmith David Hyde has a keen interest in texture and is always experimenting with new methods. A selection of these is illustrated in the links below.

If however, a smoother surface is more appropriate, the forged texture can be polished out. The degree of polish achieved can range from matt to satin to a mirror finish. Polished detailing can be very effective when contrasted with a more textured finish.