A6 Textured Metal Bowls with a Seashell and Ammonite Design

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."


The design of these bespoke hand forged iron bowls was inspired by seashells and ammonites, whilst their texture and surface finish were inspired by rock formations of the Jurassic Coast.

The bowls were forged from 6mm thick metal that was textured and shaped using repeated blows from specially made hammers. Each handmade bowl has a different interior and exterior finish, and every bowl and texture is utterly unique and individual. No two are, and can ever be, made the same. The bowls were burnished with a wire brush and given a protective coat of Renaissance wax to enhance and highlight the metal's rich and natural looking texture. The edges of the bowls have been satin polished as an accent and to contrast with the darker finish of the forged texture.

A selection of these bowls and others is available to purchase from my partner's Etsy shop; SandpiperArtStudios.

Textured iron bowls with a seashell and ammonite design
The bowls are between 5" and 9" across and weigh from 700g to 2kg