David Hyde; Customer Feedback

"... Verdigris; where engineering becomes art ..."

Over the years David Hyde has made and created a diverse range of bespoke metalwork that has been installed throughout the UK ... and beyond. This page highlights a selection of recent customer feedback.

Denise-T, Surrey

Forged copper and steel mirror

Many thanks indeed for making the ferngate for me, the only word to describe it is WOW. It really is a stunning creation and I’m not surprised you are pleased with it, not only is it a gate, it has introduced a sculptural feature into my garden. As we discussed, I had not anticipated the views of the gate from various more distant points in the garden and changing angles as you approach it – that was and is a lovely surprise. I hope the version for your own garden will give you as much pleasure to make and will be just as successful.

Tracey-A, Dorset

Forged copper and steel mirror

Hi David, I was in yesterday and I thought I would show you where one of my purchases is sited (yet to place the others). It looks brilliant, like it has been there for a long time, can’t imagine the garden without it now. Kind regards Tracy

Helen C, Co Durham

Forged copper and steel mirror

Good afternoon David, Just to let you know the mirror arrived today, all in one piece, so many thanks for the extra care you took in the packaging to ensure it arrived safely. It is stunning and we are both extremely delighted with the end product. We can't wait for the decorator to finish so that we can hang it up. Receiving the photographs of the mirror evolving was most interesting; these will be printed off to keep for the future. You are very talented David, so many thanks for this beautiful piece, which will be hung with pride. Helen and Jim Cook

Rachael W, Northants

Stylised plant themed handrails

Dear David They are stunning. I am so excited to see them. I cannot believe how absolutely superb they are! You are such a talented person I am in awe- more than before. Thank you so much.

Alison S, London

Bespoke steel gate and railings

Dear David I am delighted. I have had lots of compliments from neighbours and passers by, although a few of the more conservative neighbours asked if I was going to paint them (?!). I had to moderate my response and expression. I note that all your other work is displayed in exquisite settings and I hope that you do not find it offensive that one of your works of art is installed outside a terraced house in Highbury! KR Alison

Karen H, Surrey

Frameless garden gate based around stylised plants

Hi David It was a pleasure to meet you, and I can't tell you how proud I am of my artisan made, unique gate! It is a thing of beauty and will give me many years of joy, opening the way to my lovely woodland, and suggesting that fairy folk are to be found beyond it... The photos are fascinating. Ever better would be a timelapse video of the whole process. I would absolutely love to see that. Money transferred with thanks and best wishes. I will check your website in case I get to see my lovely gate...

Lynne H, Yorkshire

Frameless and sculptural garden gate

Good morning David I think it looks absolutely fantastic. I am so, so pleased. When we moved in to our house 23 years ago, the house was empty (except for one bath and one toilet) and the garden was just a mound of earth and really a blank sheet. Over the years, Adrian and I have transformed the garden, they are never static and are always moving forward, and now it is quite magical. This morning I was in tears looking at your pictures. For me it isn't just a gate, it has such a huge value because of it being the last thing we planned together. I can't thank you enough for making it so beautiful. It is everything we could have wanted. Thank you. Lynne

Cathy S, Dorset

Galvanised and rusty steel sunflower sculpture

Good morning David I am completely bowled over by my fabulous metal sunflower. Thank you, David - it's a genuine work of art. I can see where every stroke of the hammer sculpted the leaves and petals - even the back of it is fully detailed. It's really caught the attention of the neighbours and when the sun shines, it gleams. Well worth the money. I might return for more.

Graham V, Cheshire

Copper handrail for a swimming pool

Good Morning David The handrails are unpacked and are in A1 condition. They look superb. Sturdy and pleasing to the eye. I will send photos when installed Kind regards Graham

Church of the Transfiguration, London

Detailed gates for a church alter

I went to site to arrange the fixing of the gates today, and saw them for the first time. They are really excellent, wonderful attention to detail. I'll send a photo of them installed in due course. Best, Anthony

Kate C, Buckinghamshire

Archway gate

The gate has arrived and it is beautiful! There are so many delightful details in the way it is made. It probably won't get installed till after the holiday, but we will send a photo when it is in place. Thanks for making such a wonderful piece of work! We are bowled over. With warmest thanks and best wishes for the holiday and the new year, Kate

Tanya S, Manchester

Knotted steel stair railings

Hi David Just wanted to Thank you so much again for the stunning and amazing job you have done with our railings. I absolutely love them. I have attached some pictures of the installation and posted them on all our social media with your company name 😃 A million thank yous Hope you have a lovely weekend and wishing you a Merry Christmas Take care Tanya

Hans P, France

Flowing railings in the South of France

Hi David, Hope you had a good return journey. The ballustrade on the deck is great - but now the rest of the house is crying out for similar refinement. Best Hans

Steve G, Surrey

Copper iris water feature

Hi David just to let you know that I’ve popped your sculpture into our pond temporarily for Karen and… she loves it!!!! Thankyou so much for getting it together before Christmas and Thankyou for your very evident skills… much appreciated!! … Steve

Margeret H, Cheshire

Dramatic and sculptural Juliet balcony

Hallo David The balcony has arrived and it is a true work of art. I am very pleased with it and looking forward to the installation, hopefully tomorrow. Even the man who delivered it said it was the best thing he has ever delivered! Thank you.

Chris W, Newport

Copper iris water feature

Hi David, The new gate is installed and we think it looks wonderful. Thank you for your skill and patience in making such lovely addition to our small urban frontage. Steve was very impressed with how beautifully it fits in the space given our poor photos are all you have to go on! We are both very grateful, Many Thanks and Best Wishes,

Ruth H, Shropshire

Pedestian gate based around fern sculptures

Hello David Thank you very much for our lovely gate I installed it over the weekend and it is already the talk of the town. It is just what our house needed to finish it off. We are really pleased with the way it looks and it fits the space perfectly. I have attached some pictures. Thanks again Simon and Ruth We will be in touch when we want anything else made.

Ben R, Cornwall

Bespoke well grill

Hi David, Just a couple of finished well pics for you. It fit a treat and the clients are over the moon! Thanks for your help

Sue M, Kent

Copper iris and bullrush water feature

Hi David, you'll see we've put a little light in the bud, looks really effective. Very subtle. The light is a Hunza, looks like a tiny magic wand, we cut it down a bit to make a snug fit. I think it's my favourite thing in the garden😁 . Thanks again Sue Miller

Paul D, Norfolk

Galvanised steel iris water feature and fountain

David Find enclosed some pics. We are thrilled with it. We are very happy to send better pics in spring when garden looks better. Paul & Kirsty

Shannon C, Norfolk

Knotted steel stair railings

David Still loving the rail. Every time I look at it, I congratulate myself on having found you !!! PS. Sorry it’s taken so long to send pics. I’m so in awe of my stair rail !

Paul G, Buckinghamshire

Flowing and abstract steel arch

Hi David I hope all's well with you. It was a pleasure meeting a few weeks ago and getting to see your other projects. I'm sure we'll be back in touch with further requests at some point. I've attached a couple of photos of the arch. It's difficult to get an angle that does it justice as some of the detail gets lost in the background. But needless to say we're very pleased with it. All the best Paul and Lizzie

Jason S, West Midlands

Art Nouveau steel handrails

Hi David Received it yesterday, just before I left for a short holiday, so perfect timing. The handrails are amazing, my wife loves them too. They looks great and the finish is perfect. Thank you for fixing bolts and resin, it’ll be good fit and I’ll get it up when I return from holiday. I’ll send you some pics and happy for you to publish as part of your portfolio example. Thanks for taking the job, stunning work, really glad I asked you to do this. I will need to get my driveway gates done later in the year so will be back in contact not too far in the future. Jason

Nigel R, Hampshire

Decorative and sculptural grill

Hi David, We were admiring them again yesterday. A great addition to the garden. Best, Nigel

Greg V, Australia

Forged steel and aluminium wall clock

Hi David Attached are some photos of your very good work. The wall clock is especially a feature, as you may notice we have 60km panoramic views, so the clock is mounted on the middle partition wall, so we have the views, then the clock and then more views.  We have these massive views and the only thing that breaks these view up is your clock on a wall, it goes very well there. So everything that you made has certainly fitted well into our house décor and all of your work, my wife and I appreciate these, every time we look at them So once again, thank you very much for all the correspondence and work you have put into making these items and we really appreciate each of them Regards Greg

Jill F, Yorkshire

Stylised plant themed garden gate

Good Morning David Just to let you know that the gate arrived yesterday afternoon and it is everything I wanted it to be! 🤩 Thank you very much Jill

Michael W, London

Sweeping and flowing garden handrails

I hope you got home alright yesterday and not too late Now we’ve seen the railings in the daylight, we are so grateful to you - they are beautiful - better even than we hoped Best wishes Michael and Jill

Ashley T, Northamptonshire

Gothic dungeon bed

Hi David, I just wanted to say a quick ‘thank you’ for all your help loading the bed on Saturday. My wife and I assembled it very easily and quickly and have enjoyed our first night of sleep on it. We both love the final look and admire your great workmanship and skill in crafting it. I hope you and your family have a great Christmas. I may be in touch in the new year to discuss the possibility of you designing and making a clock for us as I have a rough image in my mind as to what I would like and it would be exciting to pursue the possibility with you.

Rita S, Hampshire

Elegantly flowing handrail

Hello David, Those pics went off to you before I had written a message! As you can see it’s been installed and am extremely pleased - just need to patch up the paintwork a little. So many thanks again for your great design. Rita

Rob N, Cumbria

Sculptural and unusual driveway gates

Hi David Thanks for your time yesterday. We are really pleased with the gates and enjoy just looking at them! I have transferred the outstanding balance to you and could we'll be back. All the best Rob

Graham V, Cheshire

Detailed arts and crafts gate

David I have just paid this now. Gates look amazing..I have a scaffolder coming tomorrow and I’m hoping to get the exterior painted asap. When its all done I will pick a nice day and take some photos. Kind regards

Andy B, Surrey

Stairs railings based on musical notation

Hello David Today I have paid the final payment I would like to thank you for your wonderful work, I will let you know about the gates when needed and the Dragon to. Best regards Andy

Dee K, Kent

Rolling and flowing railings

Hi David We are absolutely thrilled with the fence - I knew it would be lovely but it has exceeded my expectations.  Finally, I will look forward to receiving the gate drawings in due course. Have a lovely Christmas! Kindest regards Dee

Paul J, Cheshire

Pedestrian gate for an edwardian house

Hello David, Thank you very much for the gate - we both think it's fab and have had some very good comments about it already from the neighbours! Kind Regards, Paul and Julia

Colleen S, USA

Abstract stair railings

Congrats on the new house....... We are very happy with the railing and get complements on it all the time. The editor from Anvils Ring Was all over publishing it. I will send the article along when it comes out and will send the pictures as soon as I have them. Thanks You for everything. Colleen

John F, USA

Steel dragon sculptures

Hi David. You do amazing work, and it’s no wonder that your business has reached across the Atlantic. I grew up in the DC area, and it is home to much of what classical architecture we have here (not quite up to the richness of what’s in Great Britain). No doubt, the home for which you’re making those railings is very cool. It’s fascinating to me that you could so readily now recreate a work (the dragon) which dates back 15 years—I suppose the mark of excellence in your rare craft. Will continue to look forward to it greatly. All the best! John

Alison P, Worcestershire

Understated but effective railings

Hi David, I have finally finished painting the joints and taken some photos for your website. We are so pleased with the railings - they really set the whole patio off. Beautiful craftsmanship and they have been much admired. I will probably send 1 photo per email as they are quite big and I don't know what resolution you need. Thanks again Best Regards Alison

Fiona M, London

Understated but detailed metal bed

Bed looks INCREDIBLE! So - a success i think! Well done. It's great. Fiona

Bob S, Birmingham

Riveted but contemporary gate

Hi, David. Sorry to keep you waiting so long - rain and paint do not mix and then a huge crate spoilt the view! I hope my photos do justice to your work! Thanks again. Bob

Piers A, Surrey

Abstract stainless steel tree sculpture

Hi David Yet again, many thanks for your work and creativity. We both think you are a consummate artist and craftsman and we are very fortunate to have found you. Another pic attached. Best Piers