S112 Galvanised and Rusty Steel Sunflower Garden Sculpture

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Purbeck, East Dorset

The "seeds" of these dramatic sunflowers are specially textured and feature a deliberately rusted, weathered steel finish. This contrasts with the hand forged texture and galvanised steel finish used for the rest of the sculpture. All the petals and leaves are individually shaped and textured, each is unique, as is each sculpture.

The tallest sunflower is over two metres high, whilst the small bronze wren perched on one of the leaves is a mere few centimetres. The wren is a signature piece that features on some of David Hyde's larger garden sculptures and helps to emphasise the size and scale of this work. More details of David's garden sculpture being made can be seen on this page of his blog.

These sunflower sculptures use a mix of galvanised and weathered steel
The tallest sunflower is over 2 metres high