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This was both an interesting piece of work and a bit of a challenge ... as are most curved stair railings! I started with a very detailed and accurate survey of the stairs and used this to build a basic replica of the stairs back at the workshop. This was needed to shape the handrail so that flowed continuously and smoothly down the stairs and to check curve of the railings. The balustrade was for a music lover's house (hence the Wurlitzer) in Surrey and was much easier to make any tweaks and adjustments at the workshop rather than going backwards and forth a few hundred miles at a time.

Accurate measurements are the key to success for a complicated piece of work such as this and as the saying goes "measure once, cut twice". Literally in my case; I measure up once in millimetres and then again in inches. Converting from one to the other a good way of spotting any mismeasurements.

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