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<< Blog; 11th Oct 2015 >>

I recently installed these Art Nouveau inspired handrails outside a period property in the historic quarter of Edinburgh and although there was plenty of travel involved I have to say it was all in all a very enjoyable day.

I regularly fit work throughout the UK (and occasionally further afield) but I'm often apprehensive when it comes to long distance work? ... what will the traffic be like? ... will I forget that one absolutely vital tool? ... have I got my measurements right? ... will my customers like the work? ...

I needn't have worried; the day went smoothly all the way from leaving Manchester first thing in the morning to getting back late in the evening. The journey flew by; mainly because of travelling through the beautiful scenery of the Lake District and the approach to Edinburgh. The handrails fitted a treat, looked good outside such a lovely property and my customers really appreciated them. What's more, it was a bit of first for me; they were both professors. One in Neuroscience and the other in Feline Veterinary ... a professor of cats no less!!!

Beautiful wrought iron Art Nouveau Handrails outside period property
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