R75: Unique and Creative Stainless Steel and Glass Railings

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

St Mawes, Cornwall

The brief for this commission was "something vibrant, unique and creative ". Naval pennants flying in the wind were used as inspiration for these unusual railings because of their seafront location. The forged and textured bands pick up on this and also reflect the drystone wall the railings sit on. This texture is highlighted by the graphite enhanced paint used.

Unlike conventional railings, there is no frame to support these railings, instead all the structure comes from the bands and posts. The stainless steel finials were forged then electropolished and are based around seedpods seen in the local flora. The glass finials were specially made for the commission by Stuart Ackroyd.

The owner also commissioned these unique gates to match the railings

Some very vibrant creative and unique railings