S105 Fire Breathing Bronze and Stainless Steel Dragon Sculpture

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Private Commission, 2015

This dragon sculpture was made by David Hyde by welding small pieces of metal together. Her body was made from stainless steel with various types of bronze being used to make her fins, ribs, skin texture and other features. David developed special welding techniques to fuse the different metals together. Because of this, the colour of the her skin varies between bronze, silver and gold with plenty of subtle blending in between. The beauty, variety and blending of these polished metals is particularly noticeable in her neck, especially so when it reflects the fire she breathes. Her eyes are garnet gemstones which spectacularly bring them to life. Propane is used for her flames which is connected to her from underneath and is piped through her body to her mouth.

Sculptures like this are completely unique and individual because of the way they are made. No two of the dragons David make are ever the same, unlike many cast bronze sculptures which are often made as a limited edition. This is strictly an extremely limited edition of one!

fire breathing bronze and stainless steel dragon sculpture
This dragon weighs 40kg and is 800mm long
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