S125 Copper Snowdrop Sculpture with a Verdigris Patina

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Purbeck, East Dorset

Verdigris's proprietor, David Hyde, is gradually building up a portfolio of sculpture inspired by plants, nature and natural forms. This page shows a selection of snowdrop sculptures typically less than a metre high. Larger snowdrops made both as garden lights and sculpture can be seen here, whilst this blog page shows examples of David's sculpture being made.

The snowdrops are all bespoke and hand forged. Their clean flowing lines and rich detail are designed to capture all of the grace and charm of one of David's favourite garden plants.

They are either made from copper or galvanised steel. The copper can be patinated with a verdigris finish whilst the galvanised steel can be left to weather naturally, or specially aged to have a wonderfully rich powdery, grey-white finish reminiscent of old lead.

The snowdrop sculptures are typically between 800mm to 1m tall