B102 Graceful and Elegant Balcony Balustrade

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Hertfordshire 2017

This Graceful and elegant balustrade was designed as the feature piece for a bedroom balcony in a property full of character. The hand forged leaves all face in slightly different directions; each and every one is completely unique! It has a galvanised steel finish that has been acid aged to complement the materials surrounding it.

A subtle detailing in the is the rivets used to fix the uprights either side of the leaves. This is a traditional method of joinery used by blacksmiths for centuries that gives it both strength and interest. The balustrade meets the 100mm gap building regulation yet avoids the regimented look of a serried row of plain vertical uprights.

Graceful and Elegant Metal Balcony Balustrade
This balustrade is 2700mm long