G45 Spectacular and Unique Metal Sliding Gate

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Boston Spa, Yorkshire

This spectacular and unique sliding gate is based around very heavy duty hot punched holes.

The steel strips for the lower row are 80 x 10mm wide and pass through slots punched in the horizontal 60 x 40mm solid steel bars. The holes are made by hammering a drift through the steel whilst it is yellow hot. As the drift moves though the softened metal, it pushes the steel to one side creating the expressive swellings surrounding the holes. The strips are forged into round sections after they pass through the slots and this section is then forged into stylised leaves, flowers and tendrils.

Spectacular and Unique Sliding Metal gate
The gate is 5200mm long, 1800mm high and weighs 3/4 of a tonne