S113 Snowdrop Sculpture and Lights for a Cottage Garden

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Purbeck, Dorset

The graceful curving stems of these snowdrop sculptures capture the coy, almost bashful, stance of the plants as they appear in winter as a welcome harbinger of spring and a symbol of hope.

Although the tallest of the snowdrops is over 8ft high, each still captures all the delicacy and poise of such a diminutive woodland flower. Special care and attention is given to their detailing when creating the sculptures. Examples include their spathes (the leaves from which the flower emerges), and the profile of their main leaves or their ovaries above the flower.

Each snowdrop is individual and bespoke and can be made as either pure sculpture or as a garden light. Their finish is galvanised steel that can be left to weather naturally or can be specially aged to have a wonderfully rich powdery, grey-white finish reminiscent of old lead.

Verdigris's proprietor, David Hyde, is gradually building up a portfolio of sculpture inspired by plants, nature and natural forms. Examples of this work being made can be seen on this blog page and smaller sculptural snowdrops can be seen on this page.

This snowdrop sculpture perfectly complements its English cottage garden setting
The largest snowdrop sculpture is over 8ft tall