B19 Contemporary Wrought Iron Juliet Balcony

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Poynton, Cheshire

At first glance, this Juliet balcony is relatively understated with upright bars and a pleasing curve to the handrail. However, some of subtle detailing and design features only tend to be noticed on subsequent viewings.

Examples of this detailing include the balcony's joinery and the flared ends to the handrail and "feet". The balcony features a combination of riveted joinery and traditional blacksmiths' mortise and tenons. A particularly expressive but subtle feature is the attractive swellings where the metal is hot punched to create the holes for the mortises. The ends of the uprights are shaped by forging the steel when hot and hammered so the riveted bars are flattened in one plane, whereas the bars with the flame ends are flattened in the other plane.

The balcony has an aged and weathered galvanised steel finish that complements the brickwork and oak used for the French windows.

Contemporary wrought iron Juliet balcony