H4 Twisted and Knotted Metal Stair Spindles

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Hale, Manchester

These contemporary and feature stair spindles are made by twisting and knotting the steel by hand whilst red hot. At high enough temperatures the metal will behave rather like spaghetti and can be tied in knots. Because the metal is knotted by hand, each spindle is completely individual and unique.

The original wooden newel post was removed and has been replaced with a matching steel post forged from one inch solid steel bar.

The spindles have an a burnished and waxed finish to highlight their metallic character that paint would otherwise mask. The balls are finished with a copper gilding wax as accent and counterpoint to the softy pewter grey of the spindles.

Knotted Steel Stair Spindles