H54: Bespoke Metal Stair Railings

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Hampstead London 

These sweeping metal stair railings were designed to capture a feeling of movement and flow whilst cascading down 4 flights of an oak staircase. The steel was forged to shape by working it whilst hot, as were the tactile handrails. All the railing panels have a slightly different design to each other, evolving as they flow down the stairs.

The railings have a burnished steel finish. First the metal was blasted with fine abrasive grit, then highlighted with a steel wire brush. Finally, a hard clear protective wax was rubbed into its surface. This highlights the metal's natural tones and texture that would otherwise be masked by paint.

The owner also commissioned complementary railings, shown in this page, for another staircase within the property.

bespoke metal stair railings
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