H70: Forged and Twisted Steel Stair Rails

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Bowden, Manchester 2013

These simple but effective forged steel stair rails have their hoops, loops and curves scattered randomly throughout the panels to give them a playful and lively appearance.

The spindles were made by first flattening the steel bars in their middle, then hammering this flattened section around a ball shaped mandrel and then randomly twisting the bars. This was all done by hand and so no two spindles are the same. Forging the steel gave the metal an attractive and expressive surface texture, the tones of which were enhanced by  its waxed finish.

More information about how these rails were made is shown in this blog.

Forged and twisted stairs rails
The spindles are spaced to meet the "100mm sphere" building regulation
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