S22/95: Two Similar but Unique Metal Dragon Sculptures

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Fort Worth, Texas, USA 2014

These two dragons illustrate how unique and individual they are. The dragon on the left was made way back in 2001 by David Hyde and is featured in our gallery. This sculpture caught the eye of a customer in Fort Worth, Texas who decided to commission another dragon but asked that David make it similar to the original whilst still displaying its own unique character. The dragon on the right is the result of this commission.

David makes these sculptures by carefully welding small pieces of steel together, some of this process can be seen in his blog. The inherently "one-off" nature of this way of working means it is impossible to make two identical dragons. He likes to think of these two as being brothers rather than twins.

Two Similar but Unique Metal Dragon Sculptures
Both dragons are around 900mm long
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