S102 Bronze and Stainless Steel Dragon Sculpture

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Made to Commission, 2014

This dragon sculpture was made by David Hyde by welding small pieces of bronze and stainless steel together. David developed special welding techniques to create the wide range of textures and tones seen throughout her skin. The intense heat used to fuse and subtly blend the different metals together created many new alloys with colours varying from bronze to silver to gold, with many shades in between. This variety was emphasised by the deep polish given to the metals. Richly coloured garnet gemstones were used to bring life and expression to her eyes.

This sculpture is truely unique and individual in so many ways; no two dragons David makes will ever be the same. However, this one also contains a secret message. This dragon was specially commissioned as a gift to someone and has the message "I love you" to her owner inside her body. You can see some of the making of this sculpture and the message inside her on this page.

polished bronze and stainless steel dragon sculpture
The sculpture is 600mm high and weighs 25kg
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