S98 Black Metal Dragon Sculpture

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."


This dragon sculpture was made by David Hyde by carefully welding small pieces of recycled scrap steel together to create a range of different skin textures. The intense heat from the welding blackened the steel as the pieces were fused together. The metal was then selectively burnished to create brighter highlights whilst still leaving an overall dark tone. Somes pictures of this dragon before the wings were added can be seen in this page

The tail was made from polished bronze and stainless steel to act as a counterpoint and accent to its darker body. Garnet gemstones were used for the eyes, giving them life and vitality. The inherently "one-off" nature of the way this sculpture was made means it is completely unique and individual, strictly a limited edition of one!

This dragon is available to purchase from my partner's Etsy shop; SandpiperArtStudios.

metal black dragon sculpture
This dragon is 1150mm long and weighs 30kg