Ordering and Commissioning Creative Metalwork

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

Forged copper water feature Contemporary Juliet Balcony galvanised steel garden gate


Since its formation in 2001, Verdigris has built up a large, diverse and wide ranging portfolio. We welcome all new enquiries and commissions, regardless of scale or complexity. We can install our work throughout the UK and further afield.


We are always happy to discuss new work, either over the phone, in person or by email. We welcome visitors to the forge where a comprehensive collection of samples can be viewed whilst we demonstrate some of the techniques involved in the making of your project. Alternatively, with site specific and more architectural work, we may need to arrange a site visit to understand how your project relates to its location.

Design and Collaboration:

At Verdigris, we can either work to your design and specification, or help you to realise your ideas with our designs skills and your input. We regularly collaborate with architects and interior designers, whose fresh perspective often enables us to move in a new direction. We have a natural affinity towards flowing curvilinear lines and work inspired by organic forms but enjoy making any creative metalwork.


If the design of your project is similar to previous work shown in our portfolio, we can usually give you a fixed quote, after discussing size, detail, finish and location. However, with original and bespoke work designed and made to commission, we prefer you to establish a budget for us to work within. We can discuss the cost of previous commissions to help you arrive at this budget.


Once a budget and your inspirations have been discussed, we will usually produce 2 or 3 hand drawn sketches based on your project brief. With feedback, we can refine the more promising ideas and give some thought to the detailing. As your design nears completion, construction, installation and payment schedules can then be agreed upon.


We normally ask for a deposit of between 25% and 50% depending on the size and nature of the project. We usually ask for staged payments with larger work. Once the deposit is received, workshop time for your commission will be scheduled. You are very welcome to visit the forge at any stage to view the progression of your project. Alternatively, we can email digital pictures to you as the commission evolves. The final payment is expected after the work has been completed to your full satisfaction.