Naturally Forged Texture

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forged steel bronze spacer copper rivets Forged steel micro texture surface The attractive natural texture of forged bronze leaves

Forging steel or other metal involves hundreds of carefully aimed, powerful and extremely rapid hammer blows. A skilled blacksmith is constantly evaluating how the metal moves as it is hammered and knows exactly where and how hard to place the next blow before he has even struck the current one. Each and every strike of the hammer leaves a mark as a witness to its precise and thoughtful placement. Taken together, this ensemble of marks creates a rich and natural looking texture which is unachievable through mass production.

Deeper and heavier marks are created when a power hammer is used for the forging. The powerhammer can strike far harder than a single blacksmith but but the blacksmith is still in precise control of where and how hard to hit the metal. The resultant texture can be used to add life and vitality to the metal being shaped as this tree sculpture shows