Graphite Enhanced Paint Finish

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Contemporary Gothic driveway gates with a graphite enhanced paint finish The texture of this steel band is highlighted by the hand rubbed graphite paint finish used Contemporary  Art Nouveau garden gates with a graphite enhanced paint finish

Graphite enhanced paint is a special finish we use to highlight the texture of forged steel that would be masked by conventional paints. Essentially graphite flake is mixed with satin black paint and the mixture is sprayed onto the work. The paint is allowed to set until it has almost dried. At this point it is carefully burnished with a soft cloth to exposes the graphite flake. Timing is critical, if the paint is too soft it will smear. However if it is too dry, the graphite won't be exposed and the paint will just appear black.

The burnishing is slow and time consuming but the results are worth it. The finish is a silvery grey-black, with a range of tones corresponding to the texture of the underlying metal. The graphite is exposed the most where the texture stands proud, leaving a silvery-grey finish. However, the graphite is not exposed in the hollows of the texture and these areas remain black.