G84: Contemporary and Artistic Stainless Steel Gates

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

St Mawes, Cornwall 

These contemporary and artistic stainless steel gates were commissioned to match the railings shown in this link. Unlike most gates, these use no frame for support. Instead, all the structure comes from the horizontal bands that are cantilevered off the pivoting steel posts. These bands were specially textured to reflect an adjacent drystone wall and were highlighted with a graphite enhanced paint. Looking down on the gates it becomes apparent they are not just flat panels, they curve in and out following a flowing sinuous line.

The uprights are satin polished stainless steel, as are the smaller finials. The forged shape of these finials was chosen to suggest seedpods typical of local flora. After being forged the stainless steel was electropolished to obtain its sparkly finish. The glass finials were specially made to match the stainless steel seedpods by Stuart Ackroyd.

There are some details of the gate being made on this page

artistic contemporary stainless steel gates
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