Delivery and Installation

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

working at height welding on site using a landrover as a crane


We can deliver and fit our work anywhere in the UK and regularly install work in and around London. We have also installed previous commissions in Spain, Ibiza and the French Riviera and have had work of all scale shipped to the USA. However, if you prefer to use local craftsmen for the installation, we can arrange for delivery by a pallet courier who can deliver throughout the UK and Europe. We can also help with having our work shipped worldwide.


The brackets or fixtures and fittings or all our work are designed to be as elegant and unobtrusive as possible. Our preferred method of fitting posts into stone, brick or concrete is to set them into drilled sockets using resin grout then covering this with an escutcheon plate. This avoids the use of unsightly mounting plates and screws or nuts and bolts. If we do have to use these fixings, we can use hard to obtain square head coach bolts or ball nuts. We can use shear nuts, or anti tamper fixings where appropriate.


We can undertake light duty groundwork such as fitting railings and small gates. However, if your project involves heavy ground work such as setting large estate gate posts into concrete, we usually work in tandem with local builders who have access to the necessary plant and excavation equipment.


Where needed, we can do any welding on site. Our preferred method for exterior work is "stick" or arc welding since it can generally be be used in most weather conditions. With interior work we use TIG welding which is a very clean process with very few sparks, fumes or spatter.

Electric Gates:

All our gates can be designed to work with remote controlled electrical systems. However, due to the specialist nature of these systems and the use of electricity, they require fitting by local specialists. We regularly collaborate with installers to match our gate fittings to the chosen actuator.