Diverse and Eclectic Contemporary Metalwork

"... Verdigris; where engineering becomes art ..."

Verdigris' proprietor, David Hyde, acquired his passion for metalwork of all kind when he began making silver jewellery as a hobby. He soon became fascinated with the contrast between the malleability and almost fluid nature of most metals and their strength and solidity. This in turn led to his exploration of traditional blacksmithing and the rich and varied surfaces possible with forged metalwork. As he discovered more and more facets of this time honoured craft, he began to take on larger commissions and work with many different metals. This led to the setting up of Verdigris in 2001.

Since then David has built up a large portfolio of creative and artistic metalwork. Although his output is diverse, both in scale and nature, his jewellery making roots are always strongly reflected in the attention to detail he pays to all his commissions.

riveted copper letter box
steel and brass altar rail
repousse copper drinking vessel
bronze calla lily
forged steel fossil