Things Change

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<< Blog; 28th May 2018 >>

If you look carefully you'll see that the final version of this bed is rather different than my initial design. I do like this organic approach to some of my work. I'll sketch the design, initially on paper, then full sized on the workbench or wooden boards. However, as I'm working the metal, I often see other possibilities and it's good to be able to run with these.

My customer for this bespoke bed was very much drawn to the bold dramatic curves typical of the Art Nouveau period. The brief for the design was to make use of some of the wider curves and swooping lines representative of this style. She was more than happy with the initial design but equally as happy to let me evolve things as the work progressed. I'm old enough to remember the days when you couldn't bounce ideas back and forth via the internet. How did we manage!

The finished bed can be seen on this page.

Art Nouveau Inspired Wrought Iron Bed