Here be ... the Dragon Farm

"... stylish, elegant, and bespoke metalwork ..."

<< Blog; 29th April 2018 >>

At times if feels as though my workshop can be a bit of a dragon farm. Previously I've made I've made my fire breathers with a closed mouth and their fire comes from a discrete nozzle near the nose. This works fine but the laws of physics means the flame will start an inch or two in front of the dragon's face.

I'm now making them with an open mouth with the nozzle nearer the base of the tongue, their flames look a bit more connected to the dragons. Doing so meant I had to find a way to make realistic metal teeth. A gummy old dragon just wouldn't pass muster now would it! Whilst I was at it I also worked up some new style feet and other bits and pieces and whisked up a few more faces.

It looks like my next dragons will be a three headed beastie, something along the lines of Cerberus or a Gorgon.

Stainless steel dragon face with amethyst eyes