Something Between a Plant and a Garden Gate

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<< Blog; 23rd Sept 2015 >>

Although I do appreciate and regularly design and make simple understated gates, I also like to play around with what a gate actually is. These gates were designed for a garden lover in Richmond who wanted them to be almost sculptural and have as little obviously visible functionality as possible.

The starting point for the gates was a complete lack of a conventional rectangular frame. The two halves of the gates were designed to blend into each other so it isn't obvious where they meet. Taking this theme further, I disguised the latch as a stem and leaf. The owner says he takes great delight in the way the latch feels and operates every time he opens the gate. The latch is the first point of contact and should feel special to use. There is also a "dropbolt" that holds the small gate in the closed position. See if you can spot it .... clue; the handle is also a stem and leaf.

Amazing garden gates made as sculpture
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