Here be dragons ...yet again!

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<< Blog; 16th May 2015 >>

I have to say I really REALLY enjoy making these dragon sculptures. The baby of the family is a mere 9kg whilst this is the biggest yet at just over 80cm long and weighing 40kg ...the weight of a small teenager!

This one is made from stainless steel and a variety of different bronzes. Polishing these metals took over ten hours but the results are spectacular. I particularly like the way her fire is reflected in her chest, highlighting the different colours and textures of the metals used.

I usually add the face last when creating these sculptures. This allows me to play around with subtle changes in their features to get just the expression I am looking for. Using garnet gemstones for the eyes really brings her to life.

Nearly finished now; just the wings to go then I'll start on the next one.

fire breathing bronze and stainless steel dragon sculpture
This sculpture weighs 40kg (just over 6 stones!) and is 80cm long
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