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<< Blog; 2nd June 2015 >>

This coffee table is a fair old slab of steel! It now lives in a spacious barn conversion and my customers were looking for a design that would reflect this environment.

I'm pretty sure this table will tick all the boxes when it's in place. Its legs reflect the sturdiness of the exposed beams and are forged from one and half inch thick steel with their ends upset to swell out further. The joinery is based on traditional wedged joints often seen in old barns. A tenon goes through a hot punched mortise and a wedge is driven firmly through the tenon. Accurate measurements are needed to make these joints and it always strikes me when making them how blacksmithing is a wonderful mix of powerful forces and high precision.

When finished it will have a glass top and should be a nice blend of contemporary and traditional ... better photos to follow.

Traditional mortise tenon and wedged joinery
The table is 1m by 1m and 500mm high.
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