Another Photographic Grumble!

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These nearly finished stair railings are for a customer with very eclectic tastes ... as shown by the chandelier made from old ropes, rigging and pulleys! She also has a strong dislike for straight lines; hence the gently waving handrail that flows across the gallery and then sweeps down to form the newel post at the foot of the stairs.

In my last post I mentioned how sometimes it can be frustrating not to be able to take decent photographs when I install my work. Here it is because the support posts needed fixing rigidly to the structural woodwork. This explains the mounting plates which unfortunately are very visibly on show. Eventually these will be covered with a fascia board but it will be a good few months before I can return to photograph the railings properly. Actually, it's not just the lack of a fascia that spoils the photos, if you look carefully you'll see the stairs themselves are only half built!

The stair railings were based around abstract tree sculptures
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