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<< Blog; 10th July 2015 >>

Well it's a bit of a tease this one!

One very frustrating aspect of my work is that I don't always get the chance to take good photographs of it. My workshop usually makes a poor and very cluttered backdrop and I can't always take decent photographs after installation. There are many reasons for this and just some of these are; poor weather or light, a messy background such as a building site, backgrounds that clash with the work or cause it to blend in to the background. Sometimes there just isn't time to take photographs after installation and since my work is often installed throughout the UK (..and further!) I don't always get the opportunity to return to do so. Sometimes I have the work delivered by pallet couriers and rely on my customers to take and send some photographs. Sometimes I just forget to take my camera. Arghhh!!!

These gates are a good example of this. They are full of interesting detail and were installed in Barnsley in 2007 but I haven't yet been able to photograph them properly. I'm hoping to do so in a week or so but meanwhile here are a few tasters.

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