I Need a Bigger Hammer

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<< Blog; 17 Jan 2015 >>

The design of this ongoing commission is a contemporary interpretation of metalwork from the Art Nouveau period and will be delivered to, and installed in, Lockerbie when completed.

Powerful and carefully aimed blows from a pneumatic powerhammer are used to roughly shape the metal. This is then refined by skillfully placed blows from a hand hammer. Blacksmiths typically use hand hammers weighing around 3 pounds whereas the hammer head in a power hammer can weigh anywhere from 25 pounds to 3 tonnes! I currently use four power hammers with 40kg (88lb) heads, which are useful sized hammers for this type of work. Occasionally though I could do with sometime a bit bigger so I've ordered a 75kg hammer from Massey Forging ....THE name in powerhammers. Hopefully it should be here, and up and running by the end of next month. Watch this space!

Welded steel dragon sculpture
The gates are 4.3m wide by 2.4m high
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