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<< Blog; 31st April 2015 >>

Well it's been nearly six months from ordering my latest toy, sorry tool, to getting it up and running, but it's been well worth the wait.

This is a new Anyang powerhammer with a 75kg hammerhead. It will hit harder, faster and move a lot more hot metal a lot quicker than the other four powerhammers I already use.

These things create a tremendous impact each time they strike the metal being worked; and they do this two hundred times a minute! The vibrations from these blows can travel hundreds of metres into neighbouring buildings so the hammer needs to sit on a special isolating foundation. It sits on a 3/4 ton steel slab, which sits on heavy duty rubber feet, which sit on a 4 ton block of concrete in the ground. A lot of digging, pushing, pulling and general coercion and it's up and running.

A frame gantry crane lifting powerhammer
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